Die Palme

This bar with dancing opened in 1929 and has been popular with all ages ever since.  In the 1960's,  when it was called "Hängematte", it was one of the hottest spots on the Viennese scene.   One of the first students' bars with dancing, alongside "Strohkoffer" and "Atrium", the "Hängematte" was well-known for its extravagant live music events.
From 1963 to 1979, the dance club was named "Schilfhütte".  After a complete renovation in 1979, "Die Palme" reopened as one of Vienna's best-known bars with dancing.
Situated in the basement of Café-Restaurant Weimar, "Die Palme" remains a popular location for private birthday parties and birthday parties, company parties, pre-wedding parties, smoking clubs, etc.
Reserve your own personal evening of dancing with music from the 70's and 80's and enjoy the club atmosphere as well as the service of Café-Restaurant Weimar.  We're happy to prepare finger food, small or full-scale buffets according to your wishes for you and your party.
We look forward to seeing you!