The building was erected in 1880 after only two years of construction by the best-known architecture firm of the Habsburg Monarchy, Fellner & Helmer.  Early in 1900, a Viennese coffeehouse opened on the premises.  First called "Café Orléans", it was renamed "Café Weimar" at the end of the First World War (coinciding with the founding of the Weimar Republic). 
To this day it remains one of the most popular meeting spots for artists and visitors to the nearby Volksoper, the former Emperor's Jubilee City Theatre.   Thanks to continued painstaking renovations, the coffeehouse's Historicism style has been preserved, with crystal chandeliers, cosy booths, large mirrors, beautiful textiles and dark woods, all of which are much appreciated by our guests.


Café Weimar
Währinger Straße 68
1090 Wien
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